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What a Journalist Isn't

I'm sick and tired of the abuse journalists are getting at the moment. They don't deserve it, at least real journalists don't - ...

Client Comments

What they say about Richard Horsman 
Mediaskills Training ......

"This training exceeded my expectations .. fast -moving with lots of useful insider information"  
(Common Purpose - leadership development charity)
 "An excellent media training afternoon ... I think we all learnt a great deal"
Institute of Directors - Yorkshire Ridings Branch)

"This training is essential before going face to face with a journalist"
"Richard has a dry and refreshingly frank approach"

University of Leeds - staff development sessions)

"Really stood out ... Richard delivered a thought-provoking and enthralling session ..."
(University of Newcastle upon Tyne - Union Society training programme)

"The professionalism and enthusiasm with which you handled the forward planning and the actual 'hands on' gave me personally great encouragement and confidence ..."
(Voluntary Chair, community organisation)

"Feedback has been very complimentary and constructive ... "
(National Media Museum)