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22 November 2017

Responses to "Driving Ambition"

Publishing a pull-together of Tweets on a controversial subject is now apparently a thing.

So in the interests of modernity, here are just a few responses to my blog this week asking whether a driving licence should be a prerequisite for embarking on a vocational course in journalism.

Firstly, in the article, I wondered what the two main industry training bodies, the BJTC and the NCTJ thought about it - and their answers were the models of clarity I would expect:

Those with long experience of training journalists in HE seem less convinced this attitude has perculated through to the front line decision makers:
Those actually in the business of employing journos - especially in newsrooms outside London - suggested it's not so cut and dried:

And a number of current journalists who've been through the system shared their own experiences:

And it seems in times not that long past, a driving licence was an overt requirement, even in the big employers:

Although some employers could be more generous than others (Disclosure: Pennine Radio bought me a company Metrocard for a year or so whilst I was a student. Kerching.)
And not just in London:
I think we can all agree lack of a licence shouldn't be a bar to a newsroom career. The industry is keen to signal its virtue in stating it isn't. The first hand accounts paint a less clear cut picture.

Of course, we could all just get on our bikes:

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