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19 March 2017

25 Years of BCB Radio

I was delighted to give a talk this week to members of BCB Radio (Bradford Community Broadcasting - 106.6FM). They're celebrating a special anniversary this year, 25 years of delivering great community radio for Bradford.

I was originally asked to give a bit of a pep talk to the membership on the opportunities offered by expanding the hyperlocal news service. Somehow, in the pre-publicity for the event, this became "Adventures in Broadcast Journalism" - a rather more ambitious brief - and then it was billed as the opening event in a series of "Creative Bradford" talks to encourage creative industries in the district. So no pressure, then.

I was surprised, but after the foregoing shouldn't have been, to discover, the day before the event, that not only was it to be broadcast live on BCB but it was also to be livestreamed on Facebook.

So this is the literal, verbatim account of the session as it happened - there is more I could have said, more I wish I'd said in retrospect.

I'll be writing a follow-up blog when pressure of other commitments allows.

It will become obvious why I never did telly.


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