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10 December 2012

Hello World ...

Out of the blue today (and with a little over 3 hours' warning) I crossed the Rubicon.

After 30 years or so of being an impartial reporter I was invited to participate on the BBC World Service show World Have Your Say  as a pundit, giving a personal opinion on the issue of prank calls, of which I'd written yesterday in the post below on this blog, and to discuss the issue of whether the humiliation of an unsuspecting member of the public can ever be justified in the name of entertainment.

That meant saying what I thought rather than playing ref in the black shirt, treading a careful path to avoid personal comment and carefully summing up arguments on all sides.

It was actually rather liberating.

The programme, which also includes contributions from veteren Mancunian prankster and owner of Oldham's 96.2 The Revolution Steve Penk, can be heard here

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