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21 February 2012

A Word From Our Sponsor

Just to say that next week is Journalism Week at Leeds Trinity University College (not that we don't live and breathe journalism for the other 51 weeks as well).

Now I'm a cynical old hack, but even I'm impressed by the lineup this year, which includes BBC correspondent Mark Easton, ITN's foreign editor Tim Singleton, Bauer Radio's head of news for Yorkshire (and former Leeds Trinity postgrad) Louise Easton, the head of all things BBC in Salford Peter Salmon, 5 Live's deputy controller Jonathan Wall, Look North's award-winning VJ Nicola Rees and ITV Yorkshire's political correspondent Ben Erlam.

Ben's another former Leeds Trinity postgrad trainee; as part of the regular 'month on air' which is at the heart of the course he was duty news editor for BCB Radio on the day of the London bombings in 2005, a fact I never let him forget.

Oh and there's some bloke called Jon Snow opening it all next Monday morning.

Anyway the boss had me designing an event website for the week which has now gone live; so you might want to take a look, there's a timetable and full details of all the speakers.

From Monday we'll be liveblogging on there as if our lives depended on it in the odd few moments when we're not tweeting as @JournoWeekLIVE or otherwise engaging with the full range of social media tools at the 21st century journalist's disposal. We might even have time to listen to what the speakers have to say and ask a few questions as well.

Of course with the Myers report into BBC local radio due out next week I'm hoping for some instant reaction from the wireless folk attending, and will post anything interesting here in due course.

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