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21 September 2011

Mission Statement

All institutions have them. Something impressive to put in reception, next to that plaque from Investors in Green Folders. An ethos in a soundbite. Philosophy at tweetable length. What's needed to start my first blog is a declaration of intent. A mission statement.

I've been a journalist all my adult life. I've been in love with radio since I can remember. For some reason I was usually the one in the radio station nominated to 'look after' the work experience kid, and that role has evolved over the years until I find myself as the world's least likely academic, required to give my charges the best possible start to their radio careers. And this is my first-ever blog.

So ...
  • I'll aim to follow Valerie Geller's advice to 'tell the truth, and never be boring'. 
  • I will seek to be a critical friend to those I comment on in radio and in journalism, never forgetting it's a much tougher world in the industry than out of it. 
  • I will be fearless in promoting the practical and the vocational over the theoretical and the abstract.

 I hope that'll do for a start.

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